• Passionate

    about classical music & film

    In various formats

    author, director, producer

    of documentaries on music

    manager and assistent director

    of livestreams/ Tv productions

    creative mind for projects

    on classical music

  • Recent film projects

    Magic Moments of Music: Nina Simone

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Producer: Sounding Images, Lily Kuentzle

    Arte 2024

    Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Berliner Philharmoniker, Eitetsu Hayashi, Taiko

    I love this short piece we shot in Japan with the Berliner Philharmonier & Eitetsu Hayashi

    Video by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Camera & Edit: Adam Janisch

    Berliner Philharmoniker, 2023

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    Abbado dirigiert Mahlers Auferstehung - Symphonie

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Camera: Michael Boomers, Christopher Rowe

    Producer: Sounding Images, Lily Kuentzle

    Arte 2024

    Wir sind auf Sendung 100 Jahre Radioorchester, Regie: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Wir sind auf Sendung - 100 Jahre Rundfunkorchester in Europa

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Producer: Accentus Music, Carmen Traudes

    Arte 2024

    Carl Nielsen, Director: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Production: EuroArts

    Carl Nielsen - Between heaven and earth

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    DOP: Christopher Rowe

    Editor: Imke Koseck

    Producer: EuroArts, Jan Bremme


  • Cuban Dances, Sarah Willis, Director Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, 3B Produktion


    A read trip with SarahWillis through Cuba.

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    DOP: Christopher Rowe

    Editor: Nina Mühlenkamp

    Producer: Maria Willer, Maria Geczi, 3B Produktion

    ZDF/ Arte 2022


  • Tabea Zimmermann Artist in residence Berliner Philharmoniker

    Viola is my voice - Tabea Zimmermann/ Artist in residence with the Berliner Philharmoniker 2020/21

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Digital Concert Hall, 2021, 25'

    Pilot Project / Berliner Philharmoniker 2021

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Berliner Philharmoniker, 2021, 23'

    Mozart in Havanna Sarah Willis Arte Concert, Director Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Mozart in Havanna

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Arte Concert, 2021, 43'

    Recycling Concerto   Gregor A. Mayrhofer  Vivi Vassileva

    Recycling Concerto

    by Gregor A. Mayrhofer with Vivi Vassileva

    Promo Video by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

  • Direktor: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Mozart y Mambo​

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    3B Production for DW 2020, 26'

    Dances from Transilvania, Direktor Magdalena Zieba-Schwind


    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    3B Production for RBB/ Arte 2019, 44'

    Clara Schumann, Direktor Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Andreas Morell

    Clara Schumann

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind & Andreas Morell

    Accentus Music for MDR/ Arte 2019, 55'

    Short Rides with John Adams, Director: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Short Rides with John Adams

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind & Daniel Finkernagel

    BPhil Media/ Digital Concert Hall 2018, 44'

    Living with Beethoven, Director: Magdalena Zieba-Schwind

    Living with Beethoven

    Film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind & Daniel Finkernagel

    RBB/ Digital Concert Hall 2017, 44'

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    Berliner Philharmoniker / Digital Concert Hall

    Manager of livestreams & video production

    Digital Concert Hall streams live concerts of the Berliner Philharmoniker with great conductors and soloists as well as offers hunderts of archive concerts, interviews with musicians and documentaries.



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    Berliner Philharmoniker / Video blog


    Video production & content developer

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    Sarah's Music

    Producer & idea developer

    “Sarah’s Music - Contemporary Classical” is DW’s program dedicated to the rich diversity of classical music. In each edition of the weekly program, broadcast in English, German, Arabic and Spanish presenter Sarah Willis presents concert highlights, goes behind the scenes at top events and gets up close and personal with her star guests and their instruments.



    Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Berliner Philharmoniker

    Karajan Akademie of the Berliner Philharmoniker

    Director for various video productions; concerts and image videos 

    Youtube Channel




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    Live transmitions, DVD & TV productions

    Director assistant, score reader for productions of operas, balletts and theatre plays

    For Arte, 3Sat, ZDF

    From Salzburg Festival, Staatsoper Berlin, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Theatertreffen

    Sarah Willis, Magdalena Zieba-Schwind, Albrecht Meyer

    Prelude & Food

    Production & Set Manager

    Internet format

    The Location: a 21st century version of the music salon - an open plan kitchen in Berlin.
    The Mission: to bring classical music out of the concert hall into every day life where it belongs - starting with the kitchen, the heart of the home. From Bach's Prelude & Fugue to Sarah's Prelude & Food...
    Production of Finkernagel& Lück Medienproduktion